Helen, an experienced and qualified health practitioner, offers programs and retreats focused on relaxation, stress management, mindfulness & meditation.

Spend a day at the peaceful Mallow Cottage in a day-long group retreat, enroll in an 8 week group Mindfulness course or participate in weekly sessions or one-on-one consultations.

If you are holidaying in the region and staying at Mallow Cottage you can have Helen come and do a mini-retreat with you.

More about Mallow Wellbeing

Mallow Wellbeing is a stress management &  healthy lifestyle program designed to help you or your group to better manage daily stress and balance the components that make up your lifestyle.

Stress is a necessary part of our lives - it keeps us motivated to deal with the day to day demands of work & modern living.

However long term, significant episodes of stress without good management or relief can wear our mind and bodies down - leaving us tired, irritable, unhappy & vulnerable to illness and disease. Often we do not realise that long term stress can be the underlying factor behind our ill health or vague symptoms of un-wellness.

Stress management does not replace good medical care. Just like a healthy lifestyle - it forms part of an holistic approach to health care. 

Mallow Wellbeing programs are designed to help you :

  • understand what stress is for you,
  • understand how it impacts on your mind, body and spirit,
  • learn ways of thinking differently about stress & lifestyle
  • experience new ways of coping better or releasing stress,
  • experience slowing down of the stress response,
  • bring it all together into a personalised sense of balance, and
  • link into other providers if required.