packages & Retreats

Book your accommodation and add in a wellbeing option (subject to availability of therapists).

Helen, an experienced and well qualified health professional offers an optional health and wellbeing program for guests, with a focus on better managing stress and learning specific relaxation techniques. The program is also well suited to those recovering from illness, living with a chronic condition or just wanting to give their health a boost. See the Wellbeing page for more information.

  • Professional service
  • Relaxation techniques – breath and mindfulness
  • Recognising stress triggers
  • Range of self-awareness topics
  • Options of program during stay
  • Share the cost with friends
  • Massage or Reiki by arrangement
  • Yoga instruction by arrangement
  • Range of books, CDs and DVDs on health & wellbeing

Self paced Mallow Wellbeing retreat format

  • 8am Healthy organic hamper breakfast
  • 9am Walk or self-paced Yoga
  • 10 -12md self-awareness & mindfulness meditationsession with Helen
  • Lunch - your own or order in
  • 1-3pm Reading, writing, meditating or sleeping OR
  • Therapy - Massage treatment, Reiki , or Yoga consultation
  • 3-5pm Walking or Canoeing & visiting the Summer House – guided meditation in the Summer House
  • Dinner - your own or order in
  • After dinner - health & wellbeing resources - DVD, CD or book


  • One hour session only –either with Helen or other therapist $90. Contact to book
  • Self paced program with x 3 therapist sessions & access to resources $285/day. Meals extra. Contact to book
  • Or join one of Helen's regular Day Retreats. Prices vary $80-$140
  • Inquire to Helen about a tailored program just for you or your group.