Mallow Lamb News March 2019

The photo above tell the story least we still have enough water for stock to drink & to water the garden. Only 12 mm rain since Dec 18.
The biggest impact of the drought is we can't readily source certified organic grain to feed our sheep - so we are feeding them conventional  grain thereby needing to relinquish their organic status. The only real difference is the grain has very small amounts of urea and ruminant enhancers that aren't allowed under strict criteria  of Australian Certified Organics.  However our farm remains certified organic.
The good news is we can still offer fresh premium product to our existing customers and frozen certified organic product - see specials below:  

  • Leg Roasts were $24/kg now  $14/kg

  • Lamb party ribs were $20/kg now $10/kg

  • Chump roasts $15/kg

  • Shanks $15/kg

  • Diced shin meat (ideal for curry) $15/kg

  • Loin chops $17/kg

  • Dog Bones $1.25/kg

  • Whole lamb boxed 16kg usually $310 now  $240

  • Half lamb 8kg usually $177 now $140

contact direct  or via website ordering
We still have baled hay off Mallow ! Organic mulching hay - ideal for gardens, vege patches or orchards (although it's love grass it doesn't tend to set seed when used as mulch) $5/bale or bulk discount Min 5 bales. Tied with natural fibre twine - biodegradable. Pick up from Mallow Woolshed Texas Rd. 
Text Andrew on 0428872832 or Order via email to Andrew