Mallow Philosophy

Andrew & Helen have a commitment to environmental principles, sustainable agriculture, humane treatment of animals and good health and nutrition. They take care and consideration to ensure the decisions they make are socially, environmentally and culturally responsible. Hence the meaning of ‘lighter footprints’ attached to their Mallow logo – they want to make their footprint as light as possible – recognising the need to carefully utilise & balance what Mother Nature has provided us with.

The cottage has slowly been renovated by Andrew & Helen over the past few years, in keeping with its bush environment, history and commitment to the environment. Careful thought has been put into the design and use of materials and furnishings.

Maximising the northern aspect of the cottage enables greater natural warmth in winter and cooler cross breezes in summer. Insulation has been incorporated throughout the building frame. Where possible building materials have been salvaged or renewable timbers used. In July 2012 we had solar panels installed and now our cottage not only has all its power solar generated, there is sufficient to feed the electricity grid.

Most of the furnishings have been salvaged and restored or have been part of family heritage. Very little has been mass produced and imported. Andrew & Helen’s eldest son Nick, a designer, has started his own custom made furniture business and has made/modified or restored several unique and beautiful pieces. You can see his furniture on his ferrier & co website.