About Mallow Organic Farm

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Mallow Organic Lamb is produced near Stanthorpe in southern Queensland’s Granite Belt district.

Mallow Lamb is noted for it's tenderness and flavour as well as being free of chemicals. 

Farming practices on Mallow follow biological farming principles where emphasis is on excellent soil health and nutrient value to maximize plant health for pasture fed lamb.  This in turn produces meat that is nutrient dense. 

We have developed an integrity checklist to evidence our belief and commitment to the whole food chain.

The Farm

  • Certified organic -ACO Australian Certified Organic Producer 10820A registered under AS & HA Ferrier (March 2019 due to severe drought conditions, fresh lamb product not currently certified organic, however frozen certified organic lamb still available. Mallow Farm as a whole remains certified organic.)

  • ACO also audit Animal Welfare, Environmental & Biodiversity criteria.

  • Managed areas for biodiversity (20% of the farm)

o   Riparian zones

o   Wildlife corridors

o   Remnant vegetation areas

  • Ample clean water for animals and crop

  • Ample shade and protection from the weather and predators

The Soil and the Farming

  • Native grasses and other vegetation over 60% of area

  • Soft natural organic fertiliser used on the farmed areas

  • Biological farming principles used (emphases on microbial life in the soil)

  • Rotation of crops – legumes included in all rotations

  • No use of herbicides or pesticides

Animal husbandry & welfare

  • Managed and certified organically

  • No use of prohibited chemicals

  • No use of hormones

  • Majority of lambs bred by the owners

  • Ewes run and lambed on native pasture – supplemented with mineral licks

  • Lambs marked with elasticator rings – no knife, no mulesing, minimum stress

  • Lambs graze on native pasture until weaning

  • Lambs weaned and fattened on irrigated pasture

  • No grain feeding except during drought

  • No lot feeding

  • Free range pasture grazing

  • Ample clean water and shelter

  • Handled often to become accustomed to humans, working dogs, yards and vehicles. (less stress for animals, less stress hormones in the meat)

  • Regional, quality assured and well regarded abattoir and butcher contracted to process lambs under our Organic Certification

  • Close proximity means less stress for lambs

  • Local – less food miles

The Product

  • Approximately 40% sold locally – less food miles

  • On the menu of a number of local restaurants – local produce promoting local industries and vice-versa

  • No preservatives used